What is Stickrwall?

Stick r wall is a high quality peel and stick material with a removable adhesive, meaning it’s easily applied and can be removed numerous times leaving no residue behind. Stick r wall has a luxury canvas textured feel and is manufactured in a way that you will have no bubbles. It does not require any glues or water, it’s a stress free DIY install. 

Can you send me a sample?

We certainly can and it's free of charge of course! Just go to http://stickrwall.com.au/contact and enter your details and a sample will be on its way the same day!

I’m renting will the Stickrwall damage my wall?

No not at all. In fact Stick r wall is a woven polyester fabric, which allows the wallpaper to be easily removed and reinstalled if necessary with no residue left on smooth surfaces and no damage to the wallpaper. 

Does Stickrwall smell and is it safe for me and my family?

We use the latest in safe ink technology.  Our special printer uses inks that are odourless and non-toxic. Not only is Stick r wall safe for you and your family it's safe for the environment too.  Stick r wall is BPA and PVC free. 

Is my own image suitable for printing?

Large format printing requires high-resolution images. You can use an image from your smart phone however you need to select the HD or HDR option before capturing the image. We will also check your order prior to print and will contact you should the print quality not meet our standards. 

Can I get an image I like printed in black & white?

Absolutely. Just simply request the option you require at the check out. We will send you the image in the option you require to make sure you are happy with it before we hit print.