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Stick r wall has changed how we DIY at home or at work even in retail shopping outlets. You can customize your walls to suit your needs for that wow factor or to give something a facelift instead of reaching for the paintbrushes and creating mess. Our stick r walls are printed on a peel and stick material with a removable adhesive, meaning it’s easily applied and can be removed numerous times leaving no residue behind. Stick r wall has a canvas textured feel and is manufactured in a way that you will have no bubbles. It’s a perfect choice for interior design projects as a “soft furnishing”, murals, feature walls or complete custom walls in the home, work place or retail setting. 


  • Quick turn around 
  • Easy install easy removal 
  • No bubbles no glues no mess 
  • Step by step easy install guide
  • Eco friendly inks safe for your family
  • No shrinkage no ripping or wrinkles
  • No damage to your walls when removing
  • No wall preparation required


Stickrwall DIY Wallpaper